Bali Official Guide eBook 2013


Australia Sales Mission 2013


Enchanting Ubud

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  • eBook-Book-of-Bali

    Bali Official Guide eBook 2013

    Jun 17 | 1140 Views | No Comments

    Newly appointed on 18 June 2013, the Bali Tourism Promotion Board or locally known as Badan Promosi Pariwisata Daerah (BPPD) Bali has produced a Bali eBook for the purpose of giving an easy tool for tourism partners from around the world to promote Bali to potential visitors.   “Bali understands the need for such online [&hellip...

  • Australia-Sales-Mission

    Jun 17 | 488 Views | 2 Comments

    Australia Sales Mission 2013

    2013 September sees Bali tourism professionals once again visiting Australia in an annual programme of a sales mission,...

  • SLIDER__Balinese-women-on-ricefield

    Jun 17 | 288 Views | No Comments

    Enchanting Ubud


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